Monday, 26 November 2012

Happy Muslin of Burda 7273


A while ago, I visited Exeter (UK) when DD had a dance audition to be in the musical Cats (Andrew Lloyd Webber music with  T S Eliot’s cat poems.)

Whilst Beth danced, I found this great little fabric shop  Meme.  It had only a limited range of fabrics, but sometimes that makes the fabric that is there, stand out.  The owner was great, helpful and knowledgeable.

This is what I bought:


A soft knitted wool fabric, expensive but light as a whisper – it washed beautifully too.

Wary of cutting into such wonderful cloth, I bought some fleece to make a muslin of Burda 7273


I think I count this as a wearable muslin, it is really comfy and has only a few niggles.

I made the version with the collar, reducing the size of the collar, and making a jacket length (I only bought 2m of my wool fabric.)  I also added a button and loop so I can close it.



cut down collar                                                   reduced hem

I also put darts in the back to make it more fitted, I don’t think the dart position is quite right can anyone advise?


The collar does sit flat, just that Graham didn’t spot the wrinkle when he photographed.  I count this as a wearable muslin, so am not worried about the sleeve insertion wrinkles – I can sort them.


  1. Clare that is really cute and will look lovely in your wool. As for the darts they seem a little large and I wonder if you may be better getting some shape with a centre back seam? I guess if you reduce the length of the darts you'll have too much fabric across the upper back! See what others advise.

  2. Hi Clare,
    I think it looks really cute on you, but I have to defer to Pauline as she has a better eye than I. One of my top-of-the-list tasks is to make some of those marcy pants that you rock (see how this oldie keep up with current speak!!) How cool am I!!! I feel a Patsy AB Fab moment coming on!!!

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