Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fabric Bowl - first edition


I am meeting up with some sewing friends next week and have decided to create a project that can be used to try FME  Free Motion Embroidery.  I will detail the project below.



1) Choose a fabric for the inside of the bowl – you will need about 25cm squareIMG_1045IMG_1047

2) Place this face down, place a square of felt on top (pink in the picture, the paper shows the size needed for the finished bowl)

3) I spray this with a thin coating of spray adhesive

4) Place little bits of offcut fabric pieces – any sort including bits of ribbon on top


5) To hold all this in place cover with organza or tulle then pin in place with about 6 pins


Some of you may have heard of a Supreme Slider to allow easy free motion quilting, this is a slippery sheet which has a hole in it for the needle to sew through, it covers the bed of the machine and makes a smooth and slippery bed for the fabric to slide on.

These are expensive, I have another solution.  In my cupboard, I had a Teflon sheet intended to line the base of the oven or grill, this is to catch drips etc.  I cut a hole big enough for zigzag stitching, then taped the sheet over the machine and the sewing table.


More tomorrow…

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