Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tizzy needs a trim


I have been putting off trimming Tizzy, my Miniature Schnauzer, for way too long.  She has been looking very shaggy for a while now.


First I had to trim my husband Graham’s hair, then I moved on to the more challenging task of Tizzy.  Here she is on the trimming table (actually a camping cupboard but is a great height)


By the look of the fluff on the table, I have done a lot – doesn’t show yet.  I start with the chest up to her face, then the ears.

Because it is winter time, I cut her body hair with a longer blade on the clippers – about 1cm rather than a half.  She gets the shivers  if I cut it too short.  I trim her leg fur shorter in the winter because otherwise she spends too much time in the sink having mud washed off after forest walks.

An hour and a half later, we are nearly there.  Undercarriage trimmed, legs trimmed, tail all neat and tidy.


She didn’t want to stand for a photo, so here she is on the doormat.  I will probably give her a neaten up tomorrow.



  1. ha ha, shaggy but cute - bet she will feel the cold over the next few days, the temp has really dropped.

    1. She has a little coat, but when we put it on her she stands straight legged, glued to the floor and won't move.