Sunday, 16 September 2012

Stitch and Slash Bag


I used the Stitch and Slash method of producing fabric described on the Craftsy website.  The pattern is the Chelsea bag by Lazy Girl Designs.


I first made the fabric by combining 4 different fabrics


I stitched out my design and slashed away the bits of fabric to expose the layers below.  It was great fun.  I then embellished with all sorts of bits and pieces and shaped it into a bag.

You can see the full review on


  1. Hi Clare, congratulations on your first posts. Hope to see many projects from you.

  2. Love the bag. I have bought that class on Crafsty, and even watched it through! If only I were so conscientious about actually crafting!
    Could you bring the bag and anything else you've stitched and slashed to the meetup?
    Sheila in Brussels

    5 days to go!

    1. This is the only thing I have stitched and slashed so far, I will bring it and lots of seam rippers to the meet up.